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Introducing our 100% bio-based ECO range of surfactants

The 100% bio-based ECO range is the widest range of 100% renewable surfactants on the market. By using an alternate route to EO with bioethanol from biomass sources, it significantly increases the bio-based content of ethoxylated products and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. Moreover, the ingredients are manufactured with renewable energy, yet their performance is identical to petro-based options.

The ECO range caters to the tremendous consumer need for greener products. Now, with the 100% renewable, 100% bio-based ECO range, customers won't have to choose between meeting their sustainability goals and delivering high-performance products to consumers.

washing line

Green guide

Green guide
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100% bio-based fabric/air refresher spray with ECO Tween 80™ and Zinador™ 22L

Fabric care spray
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ECO Brij Series TDS

ECO Brij series
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ECO manufacturing plant

Watch our video which discusses the sustainability benefits to Croda's Atlas Point manufacturing site, where the 100% bio-based ECO range is produced. 
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100% bio-based

Features and benefits of the ECO range:

  • 100% renewable;
  • 100% bio-based¹;
  • reduces reliance on fossil fuel feedstocks;
  • manufactured with renewable energy;
  • performance identical to petro-based options;
  • lower carbon footprint than petro-based versions;
  • tested and Registered to the USDA BioPreferred® Program²; and
  • RSPO Supply Chain Certified via Mass Balance³.
(1) Calculated using USDA BioPreferred Method for determining bio-based content and validated, or being validated, by carbon 14 testing (ASTM D6886) (2) USDA BioPreferred is a registered trademark of the U.S Department of Agriculture (3) Products containing palm oil derivatives are RSPO Supply Chain Certified via Mass Balance 

100% bio-based range of ECO surfactants

View our ECO Cithrol range below

House Interior

ECO Cithrol™ S20BW

ECO Cithrol S20BW is a self-emulsifying 100% bio-based beeswax derivative that provides emulsification and consistency in waxes and polishes.

House Interior

ECO Cithrol™ S40LAN

ECO Cirthrol S40LN is a 100% bio-based lanolin product, derived from naturally produced wool grease.

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