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Speciality proteins

What are proteins?

They are natural biopolymers that are made up of amino acids – the building blocks of all living organisms. Proteins are natural products that are comprised on 100 or more amino acids. Amino acids and hydrolysed proteins have been widely used in Personal Care applications for many years, with proven efficacy in providing: moisturisation, penetration, moisture regulation and film formation. However, in recent years there has been a shift to using proteins and derivatives in fabric care applications, with proven benefits observed in main wash and rinse cycle formulations.

The drive for innovation in fabric care

Development of innovative materials has gathered momentum over recent years, as consumers are now searching for added value in their fabric care purchases. This has created a lot of pressure on manufacturers to differentiate and develop novel new technologies.

Proteins and protein derivatives have played a major role over the years in providing proven benefits in conditioning and protecting fibres, which can provide a number of differentiating claims on consumer product packaging.

We offer a range of proteins and protein derivatives which can loosely be broken down into three areas:
Hydrolysed proteins – Coltide peptides
Quaternised proteins – Coltide Q range
Protein derivatives – Coltide copolymers

These help to offer a range of functional benefits to consumer products that can be tailored to specific fabric types and offer market differentiating claims and concepts, to improve consumer perceptibility.

Sustainable fabric protection

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Proteins have the following functional attributes…

  • moisturisation;
  • contribute to viscosity modification;
  • stabilise O/W emulsions;
  • stabilise foams;
  • form gels;
  • moisture regulation;
  • influence fabric texture;
  • film formation – lubrication of fibres and thermal protection; and
  • provide adhesion and penetration.

Application areas

  • fabric conditioners/softeners;
  • laundry detergents - suitable for liquids, powders and tablets;
  • fine and delicate wash concentrates;
  • woollen fabric treatments;
  • wet wipes;
  • tissue & paper; and
  • hand wash products.

Adding a natural touch to fabric care products

The fine fabric laundry market is growing and our Coltide Naturals range is helping meet the demand for products in this sector. The range of hydrolysed proteins, derived from natural sources such as cotton, silk and cashmere, are naturally substantive, thereby offering protection to fabrics. They possess excellent moisture retention properties and impart a deep conditioning effect to fabrics in order to improve the softness and handling characteristics. Additionally, the protein source presents the opportunity for evocative marketing label claims.

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