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Iberchem fragrances – Unique scents for home care products

Iberchem is a global fragrance company that has been creating fragrances for brands all over the world for over 30 years. Our teams keep up to date with the latest olfactory and technological trends. It allows us to continually increase our offering of high-quality creations for all type of home care applications, such as detergents, cleaning products and air care solutions. We are also committed to providing cost-effective solutions, while delivering original and inspiring scents. We maintain close links to our customers so that we can anticipate their needs and let them be on top of the latest olfactive trends.


Counting on 24 facilities, Iberchem is located in key markets around the world. Our commercial activity extends to over 120 countries, which gives our customers the benefit of both proximity and reliability.

One of Iberchem’s greatest strength is its team of versatile perfumers with extensive expertise in fragrance development. Whether you come with a particular idea already in mind, or you prefer to let their experts be your guide, you can rely on us to help you find the perfect fragrance for your product. We carefully develop each creation to enhance user experience and add value and loyalty to your brand.

We carry out thousands of fragrance initiatives every year, which has enabled us to develop a huge proprietary database of formulae for our experts to consult and use. Our lab technicians have available to them a wide range of bespoke equipment. It allows us to achieve fast and outstanding results for all our projects. Iberchem relies on its own fragrance technology department, providing cutting edge solutions for the performance of your fragrances, from malodour control to fragrance encapsulation.

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Iberchem samples


Visit Iberchem's website to learn more about our innovative fragrance solutions for home care applications, created with passion and a deep sense of responsibility for the natural world.
Visit Iberchem's website
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