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Botanical extracts

Botanical extracts

The best-selling products are not only high-performance formulations, but they also have powerful marketing concepts and claims. The feelings that they deliver to consumers during the purchasing process and end-use make them successful. Botanical extracts can provide a unique opportunity to provide emotive concepts and claims and really boost the value of cleaning formulations.

Botanical extracts are used in the following applications:

  • fabric detergents;
  • fabric conditioners;
  • dishwash;
  • hard surface cleaning;
  • tissues and hygiene nonwovens; and
  • air care.
Botanical extracts

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Regulatory information

We ensure our products comply with international and national regulations and legislation to deliver the highest standards for the safety of our employees, customers and end users.


Iberchem fragrances provide uniqueness to formulations

 Iberchem is a leading fragrance manufacturer specialised in the creation of fragrances for home care.

All our fragrances are tailor-made to suit the production methods and formulation of each client.

The use of botanicals in home care formulations provides the opportunity to create unique products. Adding to this, the use of fragrances encourages consumers to discover sensorial experiences.

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Crodarom botanical extracts

Crodarom, part of the Croda group, has many years of experience in botany and phytochemistry innovation. By combining this knowledge with insight into consumer market trends, we are constantly identifying new plants and active ingredients in order to create new concepts for our customers. Crodarom offers the product formulator a unique source of plant extracts and marketing information in order to assist with the creation of new products that have natural appeal.

Be creative

We are constantly looking at how the world is changing in order to anticipate how consumers’ tastes and needs will evolve. Some examples of concepts meeting today’s demand:

  • cleanliness – purifying, cleansing, deodorising, antibacterial;
  • freshness – cleansing, cooling, invigorating, degreasing;
  • exotic dreams – delicacy, vitality, awakening, exoticism;
  • shine – brilliance, cleanliness, radiance, perfection;
  • mildness – sweetness, softness, cocooning, hydrating; and
  • protection – resistance, lustre, repairing, tolerance.

Crodarom has a range of extraction techniques and plants from all over the world at your disposal. Be creative! We can tailor-make botanical extracts to meet your formulation needs, providing a great opportunity to propose new concepts to the market and make a high impact.

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