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Home Care
A clean kitchen surface and floor

Hard surface cleaning

Hard surface cleaning is a very diverse category covering multipurpose cleaners and a wide range of more specialised cleaners for the different areas around the home. The split between the different sub-categories included within hard surface care has not changed over the last few years, with multipurpose cleaners topping the category.

The areas covered within hard surface care are:

  • all-purpose/multi-purpose;
  • floor care;
  • bath, shower & tile;
  • bleach/disinfectant;
  • glass cleaning;
  • kitchen cleaning;
  • household appliance care;
  • drain cleaning;
  • furniture care; and
  • metal cleaners.
hard surface cleaning

Home Care product guide

Home Care product guide
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Evogen™ sustainability benefits

Probiotic sustainability infographic
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Iberchem fragrances

Iberchem is a leading fragrance manufacturer specialised in the creation of fragrances for home care, specifically fabric care and air care products.

Convenience cleaning

Convenience is the long-term trend in hard surface care, with products that can save people time cleaning and provide quicker results excelling in the market. Whether you’re formulating products for the home, industrial or institutional facilities your customers will be looking for surface cleaning products that will effectively remove dirt, grease and grime and work on a multitude of surfaces. Our ingredients can help you formulate high-performing cleaning solutions, to reduce cleaning time and that are also milder and better for the environment. Our range of surface modification additives can also reduce the build-up of limescale and make surfaces easier to clean.

Green cleaning

Both legislation and consumer trends are driving a move towards greener cleaning products.  Achieving this whilst maintaining high levels of performance is a major challenge to home care formulators. We can offer a range of performance additives and formulating aids for hard surface care products, which also exhibit very impressive green credentials.

Environmental concerns are also a major driver behind the increase in concentrated formulations. Concentrates reduce water consumption and improve transport efficiency, leading to reductions in the carbon footprint of a product. Hydrotropes are an essential component of any concentrate formulation, but are often considered a necessary evil since they offer little else to the formulation. Croda’s range of eco-friendly hydrotropes provide multifunctional performance benefits such as foaming and bleach stability, in addition to effective hydrotroping.

Interested in formulating?

Browse our formulation finder to view a range of fully developed formulations for inspiration and guidance. Discover new formulation ideas for your home care developments by clicking the link below.
Formulation finder

View our functional ingredients for surface care applications

Our easy-to-use polymeric rheology modifiers deliver excellent performance benefits in a wide range of water and oil based formulations to create stable, eye-catching products.

CrystaSense™ HP5

CrystaSense™ HP5

Patented amide polymer designed for use as a rheology modifier for medium to high polarity liquids.

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