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Institutional cleaning and sanitation

Industrial and institutional cleaning

The development of innovative, yet cost-effective, new cleaning products is vital in industrial and institutional applications in order to keep abreast of the constantly developing cleaning technologies. Also, the compliance with demanding industry standards and regulations depends largely on high performance products that are able to meet these specific requirements.

We are a leading manufacturer of specialty chemical ingredients, with a portfolio including: proteins and derivatives, surfactants, sarcosinates, lanolin derivatives, rheology modifiers and other bio-based performance additives.

At a time of rapid advances in technology and cleaning products being more heavily regulated, we can help you develop formulations to innovate and adjust faster. In addition to offering the desired performance benefits to a wide range of formulations, our products can optimise cleaning efficiency and improve the overall environmental profile of formulations.

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Regulatory information

We ensure our products comply with international and national regulations and legislation to deliver the highest standards for the safety of our employees, customers and end users.

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Innovative cleaning technologies

We understand that cleaning on an industrial scale, such as in airports, hotels, hospitals and factories requires powerful, efficient and cost-effective ingredients. However, each application has very specific challenges and requirements, so our mission is to work with you in order to solve these challenges with our products.

Clean, white and freshly scented sheets are synonymous with good quality in first-rate hotels, but the maintenance of these high standards in a cost-effective manner, can be a difficult task. Our latest soil release and anti-redeposition technologies, for use with polyester and other woven fabrics, offer outstanding results. This means easier cleaning time after time, with fabrics looking better and lasting longer after washing.

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Efficient cleaning technologies

In certain hard surface cleaning and dishwash applications, excess foam hinders cleaning performance and even leads to downtime in industrial facilities. Our large range of surfactants control or eliminate foam in a formulation, reducing the residues left behind, improving the overall cleaning process.

We offer safe and effective solvents and degreasing agents as alternatives to conventional industrial solvents, with equal performance characteristics to many organic solvents and excellent environmental credentials, such as - low toxicity in water, biodegradable and non-VOC.

Not only are the cleaning results important in the food and beverage industry, but also the maintenance of both the equipment and the food products. We can offer many safe solutions for the formulation of products in this industry, including CIP (Clean-in-place), bottle washing and other applications.

Crosolv combined video

Crosolv 30 & Crosolv 50

Watch this video to learn more about Crosolv 30 and 50, our environmentally friendly solvents. These products are targeted for household and I&I aqueous cleaning formulations. Crosolv performs exceptionally well against greasy soils and is effective at low use rates of 0.3-3% when combined with non-ionic surfactants.

Interested in formulating?

Browse our formulation finder to view a range of fully developed formulations for inspiration and guidance. Discover new formulation ideas for your home care developments by clicking the link below.
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View our functional ingredients for industrial & institutional cleaning

View our range of ingredients for the bottle washing industry, aimed at meeting the demanding and varied cleaning requirements.

Multitrope™ 810

Multitrope™ 810

Anionic surfactant which is an effective hydrotrope, compatible with a wide variety of surfactants.

Multitrope™ 1214

Multitrope™ 1214

Biodegradable surfactant, based on the phosphate ester of a natural fatty acid used as a hydrotrope in household applications.

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NatraSense™ AG-810

100% bio-based alkyl polysaccharide designed to provide multiple benefits to a household and industrial and institutional (I&I) cleaning formulations.

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