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Lanolin and derivatives

Designed and perfected by nature, lanolin is known to contain components that are chemically and physically similar to human stratum corneum lipids and has a very long history of safe use on human skin - approximately 7,000 years! As such lanolin displays a natural affinity to the skin and is able to imitate and augment many of the functions of the lipids found within.

With this biomimetic functionality, plus a host of physical and aesthetic benefits, lanolin is a unique and exceptionally versatile ingredient with proven efficacy in a wide range of household and industrial cleaning applications, where skin/surface care and safety are critical.

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Home Care product guide
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Regulatory information

We ensure our products comply with international and national regulations and legislation to deliver the highest standards for the safety of our employees, customers and end users.
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Key applications

  • fabric cleaning and conditioning;
  • vehicle care (including leather care);
  • surface care (including polishes and waxes);
  • tissue and hygiene product coatings; and
  • hand dishwash and skin cleaning.

Our background in personal care chemistry means we are ideally placed to offer skin care products for tissue applications. Our lanolin products are capable of providing the perceivable skin care benefits that consumers are looking for.


Key functions & benefits

  • superfatting;
  • emollience;
  • emulsification;
  • gelling/rheology modification;
  • mildness and moisturisation;
  • solubilisation;
  • skin barrier/repair; and
  • fibre/surface protection.
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