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Emollients and skin care additives for tissue coatings

The tissue market is evolving as consumers seek more than convenience, strength and absorbency. The main consumer driver in this market is for skin softening and moisturising claims, although primarily a driver for personal care products, this also has a huge impact on the tissue market. Tissues now have to offer soothing and moisturising properties, as well as absorbency to satisfy consumer needs.

Our background in personal care chemistry means that we are ideally placed to offer skin care products for tissue applications. We offer a range of ready-to-use softening additives that can improve the sensory feel and bulk softness of tissues, adding value to consumer products, whilst maintaining the strength and absorbency characteristics of the tissue. We can also offer a range of tissue lotions and functional additives, including: anti-irritancy, emollience and skin healing that are all capable of providing the perceivable skin care benefits that consumers are looking for.

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Crodasoft™ TZ

Crodasoft™ TZ

Ready-to-use dry end softener designed to improve the bulk softness of facial and toilet tissue products.

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