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Sustainable manufacturing

At Croda, we understand the importance of sustainable manufacturing practices. We are constantly looking for ways to minimise the negative impacts on the environment while conserving energy and natural resources. Our objective is to make sustainability a point of difference for our business, and we are confident that this strategy will generate even greater benefits for the environment in which we operate, the people that we work with and the communities we are part of.

Turning the world's products green:

100% renewable, 100% bio-based ECO range of surfactants

Located at our Atlas Point manufacturing site in New Castle, DE, Croda’s bio-ethylene oxide plant, using licensed technology from Scientific Design Company, Inc, is the first bio-ethylene oxide plant constructed in the US for the manufacture of 100% renewable, 100% bio-based surfactants.

The 100% bio-based ECO Range is the widest range of 100% renewable surfactants on the market. By using an alternate route to EO with bioethanol from biomass sources, it significantly increases the bio-based content of ethoxylated products and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. Moreover, the ingredients are manufactured with renewable energy.

The ECO Range caters to the tremendous consumer need for greener products. Now, with the 100% renewable, 100% bio-based ECO Range, customers won’t have to choose between meeting their sustainability goals and delivering high performance products to consumers.

Sustainable bio-based surfactants brochure

Sustainable bio-based surfactants
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Regulatory information

We ensure our products comply with international and national regulations and legislation to deliver the highest standards for the safety of our employees, customers and end users.

ECO range

Over 50 products make up the 100% bio-based ECO range made from bio-based ethylene oxide (EO). Make fast changes to your formulations to increase the bio-based content, reduce carbon footprint and maintain performance.

Product finder

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Focus on environmental and social impacts:

  • reduced reliance on petrochemicals: The plant uses 100% renewable bioethanol derived from natural feedstocks;
  • lower carbon footprint: Not only does the use of bioethanol from different natural feedstocks help to lower our carbon footprint, but since the EO is made at our Atlas Point facility, the need for transportation of EO materials is eliminated; and
  • being a supportive corporate citizen and active member of the community: The expansion of the Atlas Point facility has brought over 250 construction jobs to Delaware and many full-time employees from the region to the workforce at Atlas Point.

Croda's bio-EO ECO plant

The ECO Range caters to the tremendous consumer need for greener products. Customers now do not have to choose between meeting their sustainability goals and delivering high-performance products to consumers thanks to Croda's bio-EO ECO plant.
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