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Fabric Care

Fabric care ingredients and their product benefits

The fabric and laundry care market has changed drastically in recent years, as consumers have started finding value in their purchases. Increasing preference for scented laundry care products, allergenic/green products and new product development is gaining consumer approval and driving the growth of the laundry care industry.

Washing and ironing are time consuming chores that form part of everyday life. Consumers are always on the lookout for better performance from their laundry care products, whilst making the tasks less time consuming. We are trying to relieve this headache by offering performance enhancing, functional ingredients. The recent success of the laundry additives segment has proven this shift in consumer demand. Our range of laundry ingredients can help bring attractive features such as softening through the wash, enhanced stain removal at cold wash temperatures or fabric protection to your products. Whether you’re interested in detergents, conditioners or pre-spotters, our products can help you to stand out in the market place. 

Fabric care

Fabric detergents and additives

With the huge range of laundry care products available on the market, product differentiation can be a major challenge, but Croda is developing ingredients that can give you the edge. We have novel laundry ingredients which deliver market leading through-the-wash softening in liquid laundry detergents. This outstanding softening performance can be achieved whilst maintaining the necessary high levels of detergency, with no detrimental effect on either fabric re-wettability or greying.

The fine fabric laundry market is growing and our range of natural ingredients is helping meet the demand for products in this sector. We offer a range of proteins, derived from natural sources such as cotton, silk and cashmere, that are naturally substantive, thereby offering fabric protection. Additionally, the protein source presents the opportunity for evocative marketing label claims.

Delivering market-leading claims and tangible product benefits to consumers through the usage of laundry additives is a growing innovative development in the laundry care market. Our products can add performance boosting functionality to formulations and provide product differentiation on-pack.

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Webinar recordings

A collection of technical webinars covering a variety of topics.


Regulatory information

We ensure our products comply with international and national regulations and legislation to deliver the highest standards for the safety of our employees, customers and end users.

Iberchem samples

Fabric care fragrances

Iberchem is a leading fragrance manufacturer specialised in the creation of fragrances for the home care market. 

All our fragrances are tailor-made to suit the production methods and formulation of each customer, for both fabric detergents and conditioners. 

Iberchem - creating fragrances for home care brands worldwide.


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Coltide radiance fabric care video

How to prolong the lifetime of clothes

Discover the benefits of adding Coltide™ Radiance to your fabric conditioner. Coltide Radiance is an innovative biopolymer with a modified backbone that provides increased substantivity to fabric and fibres.

  • longer lasting colours;
  • brighter whites - reduced greying on white fabrics;
  • print protection;
  • wrinkle reduction; and
  • majority bio-based (50-95%).
Fabric Care

Fabric conditioners

With a history of expertise in fabric care and textile finishing, we can offer performance advantages to fabric conditioning and after care formulations. Functional ingredients have been created to suit consumer needs that enhance comfort in-wear, durability and strength properties of fibres and garments. Our products can provide garment protection to keep fabrics looking newer for longer.

Laundry is an experience for the senses, with feel and fragrance playing a large role in consumer choices. Clothes can’t just be clean, they need to smell clean, feel clean and look fresh and vibrant.


Interested in formulating?

Browse our formulation finder to view a range of fully developed formulations for inspiration and guidance. Discover new formulation ideas for your home care developments by clicking the link below.
Formulation finder

View our functional ingredients for fabric and laundry care applications

Consumers are on the lookout for better performance from their laundry care products. Our functional ingredients add attractive features and aid product differentiation.

Coltide™ Radiance

Coltide™ Radiance

Innovative biopolymer designed to protect garments and fabrics from damage, colour loss and greying in both concentrated and diluted fabric conditioners.

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Coltide™ HSi

Advanced copolymer of hydrolysed wheat protein and silicone, providing total fabric care in laundry applications, including: wrinkle reduction, easier ironing, colour and fabric protection.

Cirrasol™ PE113

Cirrasol™ PE113

PET/PEG copolymer which provides a protective guard on polyester and polyester-rich fabric blends to increase oil release during washing and prevent soil redeposition.

Cirrasol™ Expel

Cirrasol™ Expel

High performance additive designed to significantly boost stain removal in laundry care products.

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