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Fragranced Green General Degreaser

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This formulation is designed for use in environments where soiling from oily or greasy processing necessitates a fast and effective cleaner. Synperonic™ NCA850 is a green detergent which cuts through greasy soils, whilst Multitrope™ 810 provides wetting and stability to the formulation. The fragrance, normally insoluble in aqueous systems, has been solubilised by the addition of NatraGem™ S140.

Formulation details

Formulation code

  • HC/HS/40

Market areas

  • Household

Category / Sub category

  • Hard surface care > Bathroom cleaning
  • Hard surface care > Kitchen cleaning
  • Hard surface care > Multipurpose cleaners

Regional availability

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • N America
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