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Probiotic educational podcasts

Over the next 6 weeks, our team will be hosting a series of podcasts that aim to widen your probiotic knowledge. From discussing the sustainability benefits of probiotics to the current and future trends within this growing market, we will be covering a range of topics that will enhance your understanding. 

Please contact the team member involved in each podcast for any further information on what has been discussed using the contact details stated below. 

Introduction to probiotics

In our very first podcast, Hossein Mahmoud, Home Care's Global Business Development Manager joins us to introduce probiotics and discuss what is to come over the next six weeks. 
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Scott J and Scott T probiotic podcast

Probiotics in action

In our second podcast, Scott Jaynes, Research and Technology Manager, and Scott Tuchinsky, Business Head discuss the working mechanism of probiotics as well as touching on the regulatory side. 
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Probiotic podcast Joe Scheblein

Removing odours at the source

In our third podcast, Joe Scheblein, Lead Application Scientist, is going to talk to us about how we can remove odours at the source with probiotics. 

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Ross sellars probiotic podcase

Cleaning the visible and invisible

In episode four, Ross Sellars, Home Care’s Application Team Leader will be talking to us about the use of probiotics on hard surfaces.

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Sarah and Tim probiotic podcast

Working with nature to be more sustainable

In episode five, Sarah Hampson, Global Marketing Manager and Timothy Miller, Research and Technology Manager will be discussing probiotics in their environment and the sustainable benefits they offer. 
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Nurias probiotic podcast

Current and future trends in a growing market

In our final probiotic podcast, Nuria Morales, Home Care's Sales Manager discusses the current and future trends within the probiotic market. 
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