As a global operator of chemical manufacturing processes, we have a duty of care to our employees, customers and surrounding communities to keep our operations safe, minimising the risk of injury, financial loss and reputational damage.  This involves a detailed appraisal of what could go wrong with each chemical process and how this could be prevented, carried out by skilled engineers and operational employees working consistently within the framework of our own Process Safety Management (PSM) system. Our PSM is aligned with the OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System, to which all of our manufacturing sites are certified and requires continual improvement year after year, which is driven by: 

  • Top-down line management, headed by our SHEQ steering committee
  • Extensive training, with a particular focus on our Hazard Study Leaders Academy
  • Thorough and balanced KPIs, which are subject to quarterly reviews

There are many risks associated with process safety, but the benefits that arise from careful management are extensive, having a direct impact on our business growth, reputation and sustainability.

Highlights include:

  • Good progress made towards ensuring that all Process Risk Reviews (PRR) are compliant with our internal quality targets
  • On track to complete an independent review of our PRR for high hazard processes by 2020