We add value to local communities around the world through educational initiatives and by encouraging employees to get involved in local good causes. This approach is how we establish the strong relationships that are essential to maintaining our social licence to operate: building trust and respect with local communities. It can also improve our employees’ performance and sense of achievement, whilst helping us recruit new talent and ensuring that we have a positive influence around the world. To support our local communities, we allow all of our employees to donate 1% of their working time through our employee volunteer scheme, the 1% Club. This volunteer work is focused on two areas.

Community education: To raise the profile of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) by providing targeted support to schools, colleges and universities primarily in areas where we operate. This helps us improve the learning and career prospects of local people, enhance our reputation, and develop the employee skills necessary for our future growth by investing in the people who will deliver it.

Community involvement: Through which we can respond both proactively and reactively to local needs and deliver tangible benefits, whether that is helping to clean the local environment, collecting donations that support the vulnerable, or extending our work with schools to include reading classes, for example.

Highlights include:

  • 5,117 hours of employee time volunteered through our 1% Club community scheme in 2018
  • 24.5% of employee volunteering hours were used for educational initiatives in schools
  • Launch of a global network to connect employees delivering science education in schools