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ECO Cithrol™ S40LAN

ECO CITHROL S40LN™ lanolin ethoxylate is a surfactant formed by reacting 100% bio-based ethylene oxide with a 100% bio-based lanolin. 100% bio-based ethylene oxide is made from 100% bio-based ethanol derived from corn, sugar cane or biomass. 100% bio-based lanolin is derived from naturally produced wool grease. ECO CITHROL S40LAN™ lanolin ethoxylates are hydrophilic, meaning that they are generally soluble or dispersible in water, forming oil in water emulsions. ECO CITHROL S40LN™ lanolin ethoxylates are used for their excellent emulsification properties in many personal care applications as well as some industrial applications.
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Product details


  • Industrial & institutional cleaning
  • Waxes & polishes


  • Emulsifier

Regional availability

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • N America

Physical form

  • Solid

Sustainability criteria

  • Bio-preferred approved


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