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ECO Brij L7L Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent for Fabric Conditioning

We are introducing our new ECO range of 100% bio-based surfactants. ECO Brij L7L is from our ECO range that is made by using bio-based ethylene oxide which we manufacture from biomass ethanol. They are renewable, 100% bio-based without sacrificing performance. This baby liquid laundry detergent contains mild amphoteric surfactant Crodateric CAB 30 and antimicrobial Mona PL 200, suitable for baby use. It is also designed to be tough on stains using Cirrasol Expel, our stain removal performance additive while still gentle on baby’s skin. It contains Coltide Radiance, keeping fibers smoother so that clothes feel soft and gentle to the touch, ideal for keeping babies safe, soft and happy.
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Formulation details

Formulation code

  • FCS070

Market areas

  • Household

Category / Sub category

  • Laundry care > Conditioners

Regional availability

  • Asia
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