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CrystaSenseTM Sapphire - Simply Effortless Cleaning

CrystaSense Sapphire is a truly remarkable polymeric thickener for aqueous neutral-alkaline hard surface cleaning formulations. This unique polymer has been designed with both the consumer and formulator in mind. 

Simply Effortless Cleaning Performance

Simply Effortless Formulation 


CrystaSense Sapphire enables targeted delivery of thickened formulations in a sprayable format.

  • Exhibits innovative 'Spray & Stick' technology
  • Enhanced soil removal
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Optimised shear thinning rheology
  • Maintains surface gloss/shine
  • Creates crystal clear formulations at pH 7-12

Enhance your formulation and make the clear choice with CrystaSense Sapphire.

CrystaSense Sapphire 
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