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Crodastat™ 400 - Powerful Antistatic Performance

Crodastat 400 is a surface modifying performance additive, that has been expertly designed to enhance the antistatic performance of household and I&I surface cleaning products. 

Crodastat 400 effectively prevents static build-up on a range of different surface types, thus avoiding dust attraction, even at low inclusion levels. It has excellent durability over long periods of time, with no reduction in performance, making it particularly relevant for products claiming long-lasting efficacy.

Crodastat 400 demonstrates excellent formulation compatibility, with a wide pH stability and no negative effects on cleaning performance, surface gloss/shine or foaming when added to commercial formulations. These factors reinforce that Crodastat 400 is ideal for use in all types of hard surface cleaning applications.

Benefits include:

  • Outstanding antistatic performance in commercial formulations
  • Effective at low inclusion levels 
  • Excellent compatibility with commercial formulation ingredients
  • Streak-free cleaning performance
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Wide pH stability
Achieve powerful antistatic performance with Crodastat 400.
Crodastat 400
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