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NatraSense™ AG-810

NatraSense AG-810 is a 100% bio-based surfactant designed to provide multiple benefits to a formulation. With good tolerance to salts, builders and extremes of pH, NatraSense AG-810 can be easily incorporated into a variety of cleaning formulations.

NatraSense AG-810 has been proven not to cause stress-cracking of plastics, a common issue with conventional nonionic surfactants, while at the same time providing gloss retention and streak-free cleaning.

In addition to these benefits NatraSense AG-810 is cold processable and allows the formulator to lower their inventory by replacing multiple surfactants and hydrotropes.

Make the sensible choice with NatraSense AG-810.

A new Sustainable Palm Oil grade of NatraSense AG-810 is now available.

Read more about Sustainable Palm Oil Derivatives here.

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NatraSense AG-810 Sustainable Palm