A Natural World of Home Care
Croda Home Care


Croda has a responsibility to continue to improve our environmental, social and economic performance by innovating for a sustainable future. Our chemistry and raw material sources support consumer demands, and wider stakeholder calls, for products with better ecological and environmental profiles. This expertise, alongside our close customer relationships, is delivering sustainable products with outstanding product performance to the markets in which we operate.

Our 10 Material Areas

These areas of materiality address the most significant global drivers to our business. Reaching across every area of our Business these 10 Material Areas are now at the core of our longer-term sustainability activity.

  • Environmental Impact - Minimise the impact of our operations
  • Policy & Regulation - Proactively engage in the enhancement of policy and regulation
  • Product Design - Deliver the most innovative and sustainable ingredients to our customers
  • Product Stewardship - Ensure that the ingredients we produce contribute positively to the environment and society throughout their lifecycle
  • Process Safety & Stewardship - Foster the development of safety and quality systems associated with all of our processes
  • Health, Safety & Wellbeing - Empower employees to have health, safety and wellbeing at the forefront of their thinking
  • Talent Acquisition & Management - Be an employer of choice
  • Corporate Knowledge - Safeguard our knowledge and expertise
  • Diversity & Inclusion - Embrace and empower all individuals
  • Community Education & Involvement - Support the communities in which we operate, with a primary focus on encouraging young people to work within science and technology